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General Terms And Conditions

Social Media policy

1. General Guideline policy

Social Media is an online avenue that GNA has decided to embark on so that we can engage with our customers, colleagues, followers, fans online. This will allow us to build stronger and more successful relations with our online community. The following are terms and conditions that GNA has set to allow our online community to engage with us in a respectful environment and enable us to provide quality assistance and information in regards to your queries, comments, complaints, feedback, and opinion on our products and services.

We request you (Fans/Followers/Subscribers) to carefully read the rules of engagement below on our various official Social Media platforms that you must abide by so that we can serve you better. Please note that these rules of engagement apply to all our Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. Any initiation of communication by you to us through any Social Media platform will automatically mean that you have read, understood and agreed to abide and be bound by the terms of this policy.

 2. Language/Content

GNA respects comments and opinions/views made by our online community whether negative or positive. However we reserve the right to reject/delete any comments/posts that:

  1. Is offensive or inappropriate in the context of race/religion/ethnicity/tribe
  2. Is politically related
  3. Uses language that is defamatory, harassing, disparaging, discriminatory, obscene, derogatory or abusive.
  4. Is pornographic material (written, pictures, films and video clips of sexually explicit or arousing nature)
  5. Is a false, misleading, deliberately mischievous and/or defamatory statement about any person or organization (including GNA and staff)

Please see below our process for deletion of content/post that might fall under the above mentioned categories.

 3. Off-topic Comments

Any comment that diverts from the topic of the post or other people’s comments will require our GNA Social Media Administrator to initiate a new discussion ONLY if it is related to our consulting services or the HR/financial industry.
In any case where the comment is not related to the consulting services or industry, we will respectfully inform the fan/follower/subscriber that the topic is out of our scope, and we may not be able to help or continue the discussion.

4. Spam

Any comment/posting by others that we believe is a spam will be deleted from the GNA social sites. The advisory will NOT explain/justify reasons for the same, however this will be recorded for future references.

 5. Deleting Posts/blocking Users

GNA will, at its sole discretion and judgment, may delete posts that breach any of the conditions outlined in section 2 of this policy without any notice or warning. In case of such of deletions, an explanation for the deletion may be posted on the firm’s official Social Media channel if deemed necessary, at the discretion of the firm. In case of severe or repeated violations of this policy, a Fan/Follower/Subscriber may be blocked from our Official Social Media Sites at our discretion. Please be aware that all posts are monitored and a record is kept for each one.

 6. Third Party Comments/posts

GNA will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that materials, for which copyright belongs to others, are re-produced on the firm’s official social sites with full consent of the copyright owners or, in cases where this is not applicable or feasible, only include publicly available link/source of the material. Also note that during such interactions on various Social Media platforms, the firm will be sharing content about interesting facts, products and services, images and so on (within and/or outside the consultancy industry) that we believe might be useful to our community. However this does not imply that GNA supports the content or endorses the product or service.

 7. Personal Information

GNA prohibits posting of any sensitive/confidential data such as personal details of self, family, friends or other individuals such as date of birth, account numbers, card numbers, ID numbers/passport numbers, address etc. on our Social Media platforms. In any case where additional information (as above) is required for addressing the complaint/issue, the fan/follower will be contacted by one of our Social Media Agents for further engagement/resolution.

 8. Accuracy

GNA will ensure that our Social Media sites are open, helpful, informational, respectful, unambiguous and accurate in terms of content we post so that we do not mislead our customers. We will not also be biased in any form (Race, religion, community, place etc.). GNA might share information or links from other bloggers and websites that we deem informational, however this does not mean that we agree or support the content posted on our site. The firm also does not guarantee the validity and accuracy of posts by others who are not affiliated with the firm.

 9. Sharing

We encourage our online community to share, engage and comment on content that we post. Please note that all content posted by the firm on our Social Media sites are the property of GNA and can be shared without modification of the original content.

 10. Social Media Promotion Disclaimer

Any promotion that GNA runs is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Facebook/Twitter/YouTube (Or any other Social Media platforms we may use in the future). Our fans/followers must understand that they are providing their information to GNA and not to the Social Media sites such as Facebook/Twitter/YouTube (Or any other Social Media platforms we may use in the future) where the promotion is being run. The information provided by our fans/follower will solely be used for that particular promotion.

Employees and close relatives of staff at GNA, are not eligible to win any prizes in any promotion run on our Facebook/Twitter/YouTube sites (or any other Social Media platforms we may use in the future).

 11. Liability

It is recognized that a general communication/interaction over Social Media can be subject to misinterpretations or misunderstandings of fact, intent or purpose and is also visible to the general Social Media user community at large. Therefore, GNA will not be liable to any consequence of any action taken by any person based on communication between ourselves and the persons through a Social Media platform.

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